Handcrafted one pair at a time in Loveland, Colorado

Hangfire Skis is a very small operation in Loveland, Colorado.  We’ve been handcrafting performance-driven custom skis since 2007 and continue to strive in creating the perfect skis for the serious skier.

Every Hangfire owner can expect a high quality, completely original, handmade pair of skis that will deliver exceptional performance. Typical build time is 4 weeks but varies depending on the current work load.  Demo skis are available upon request.

Our team

Dustin Nere - Hangfire Handcrafted SkisDUSTIN NERE
Founder, designer, and craftsman. Dustin started skiing at a young age on the icy hills of Mount Kato, Minnesota, tried snowboarding for a couple years, and has been a telemark skier since the winter of 2001/02. With over 20 years experience in ski racing, park skiing, and backcountry skiing, he really knows what skis are best for every condition and skiing style.Click here to read a profile of Dustin in Draft magazine
Jackson2013 050LEE HEWITT
Design, research, development, and destructive testing. Lee spends as many as 212 days per season skiing on Hangfire Handcrafted Skis and puts them through the most brutal testing skis will ever see.
Chris Shelly - Hangfire Handcrafted SkisCHRIS SHELLY
Design, development, product testing, and public relations. Chris has a wide range of experience in the ski industry from Montana to Alaska and back again including managing, guiding, directing and patrolling. He currently works for Majestic Heli Ski as operations manager and snow safety director.

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